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What is PO Remarks?

Purchase order remarks is a kind of reason of a particular purchase order creation PO is a document sent to a supplier when you or someone in your company purchases something. Remark is used for data need to get in Printout.


PO Remark is a smart feature in our ERP that enables you to track the status of all goods and materials in the company with their description reason.It helps you to track the movement of goods from one place to another via reason or remarks.

Use cases

Suppose that there is a company Shri sai Pvt. Ltd. that wants to keep a track of its raw materials requirement remarks raise by different department.The ERP system helps them to do so in a dedicated manner. This can save remarks with group of the materials and apply at the time of Purchase order creation. Remark Information about all the material groups of the company is saved in a database through the ERP system.

Steps to be performed to create PO Remarks

1. Go to Material Management.

2. Now, click on Purchase.

3. Click on PO Remarks.

4. Screen will appear like this.

5. Select Material Group > Remarks as required.

6. click on save and continue.

7. Click on Edit if required any changes.

8. Next, Click on report to check all created Database.

9. PO Remarks report will be opened and can be downloaded in excel.

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