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What is Incentive ?

Incentive pay is financial reward for performance rather than pay for the number of hours worked.A common form of incentive pay is commission for sales staff where they get a percentage of each sale they make.

Overview :-

The incentive might be offered to your sales team when they meet certain targets, or you can offer it to your senior management team to retain key employees. You might wish to consider offering an incentive to all employees to boost productivity, but if you do that you then need to consider on what basis incentive will or won’t be awarded.

When you set an incentive setting, it needs to be well transparent. Zenscale provides to users many types of incentive setting which related to attendance achievement of employees.

Use case :-

Suppose a company name with Abhishek Industries Private Limited. In this company, the administration decides to give a full month present incentive. In this policy, HR gives the one day salary while full month presence of employees. To minimize confusion, HR has fed these settings in the Full month present incentive to keep a track of the employees working in the month and the incentive that must be disbursed to them along with their monthly salary.

Steps to be perform Incentive :- Following below steps to perform Incentive :-

1. Salary addition > Incentive Rules

2. Select one setting which you want to fix and set Salary for days for full month present

3. Click on Save and Continue

4. Salary Addition > Incentive

5. Incentive > Save calculation

6. Click on Save Incentive.

7.Click on Yes, Save it for incentive amount

8. User can check Incentive amount also in Payslip.

  • In Additionally user can add Fixed amount of incentive if any.Following below steps to know this feature:-

1. Salary Addition >Unsubscribe apps

2. Unsubscribe apps > Incentive

3. Incentive > Subscribe

4. Refresh the page

5. Salary Addition > Incentive

6. Incentive > Employee Wise Additional Disbursement.

7. Refresh the page.

8. Click on Addition in Salary

9. Select Employee ID

10. Select Year and Month

11. Input Amount and Description.

12. Click on Apply & Continue

if User have number of employees to give Incentive then zenscale provide import option to complete this process in few clicks :-

1. Addition in Salary > Import

2. Click on Download sample

3. Fill Required data in Excel file based on the sample data given in second row.

4. Click on Choose File.

5. Select path of file where you save.

6. Click on Open and Save

7. Click on OK

8. User can view Incentive report with the click of report

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