Material Price Capping

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What is Material Price Capping?

Material price capping is refers to fix price for a particular material. During invoicing system will restrict the user to change that saved price in Material price capping. Overall It is a process to fix material pricing before invoicing so that nobody can change that price only admin user can change this.


The Price capping feature of our ERP system applies the fixed on materials and hence simplifies during invoicing and restrict on changing price.This saves you a lot of resources and time in Material Management.

Use cases

Suppose that there is a company Shri sai Pvt. Ltd. that manufactures cars.They have huge resources data base in their company. The Price capping feature helps to fixed price for their materials. So, that nobody can change price during invoicing. Only authorized person can change this. It is all be easily managed with our ERP system which is very beneficial for their company.

Steps to be performed for Material Price Capping

1. Go to Material management.

2. Click on Purchase.

3. In app section, Click on Purchase Pricing app.

4. Turn on Material Price Capping.

5. Now, refresh the page > Go to transaction section > Click on Material Price capping.

6. Following screen will open.

7. Select Material name and Enter Price.

8. Click on save and continue.

9. To check Complete list of saved pricing click on report.

10. Here you can check complete detail and also download in excel for backup data.

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