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What is unit

A unit of measure is generally assigned to all inventory items and should be defined before a product can be added. Each product can have an inventory, consumption, sales, and a purchasing Unit of Measures. Examples of common UoM are: each, piece, foot, lb, gallon, etc.


Unit of Measure, enables you to quantify and track inventory of items. This can use different UOM to conduct different types of transactions.There are many configuration options and there are no limits to the number of units that can be defined.Then System maintain their record as the user assign units to them. All the reports and transactions done according to this.

Use case-

Suppose that there is a company Parveen steel Pvt. Ltd. that makes use of different Units, namely meters and pieces.Once the Industry assign units to their materials all transactions and prices are count as per Unit assigned.They can track all of these transactions in the system by setting up Unt of Measures for sales, inventory, shipping and more.

Steps to be preformed to create unit

1. Go to Material Folder

2. Then Click on Unit Creation

3. Below form will open.

4. To create new unit. You need to Enter

Unit Name > Unit Description > Save and Continue

5. Unit Saved successfully.

6. Click on Report to check saved Units

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