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What is Receive Components?

Receive components in In house Job work is defined as it is the process in sourcing used to meet specific production, operational, financial or marketing demands of the company. When the activity is done Hence,In house receive refers to receiving items from a third party after production tasks.


This feature of the Zen scale's system is dedicated towards helping the management to manage the entire receiving materials starting from issuance material and receiving back finished goods.This feature is used to send items outside for a particular activity and received when is the activity is done.

Use cases

Suppose that there is a company shri Pvt. Ltd. that manufactures designer cloth. While all other tasks are executed within the company, the process of packing the cloth is issue to a vendor with an issuance document. When the activity is done and the finished product is ready vendor sent back to the company. At that time in house receive document is raised.

Hence, the In house job work helps to keep a track of the type and quantity of that have been dispatched to the vendor along with all other necessary details that are required to execute the job.It helps to provide good quality to the items from expert vendors.It save time the manufacturer labor put more focus on production activities,

Steps to be performed:

Click on website

1. The page will open

2.. Click on In house Job work.

3. Subscribed the app of in house job work and click on it.

4. On the setting for Job work.

5.Click on Receive components transaction.

6. After that fill all the mandatory i.e. select the In house Job work order.

7. After selecting in house job work order, it will show.

8.Then it will show,

9. Add quantity for receive component.

10. fill the challan number which is mandatory.

11. Click on save and continue.

12. It will show, the document number created,

13. By using this option we can directly go through another transaction.

14. To see report click on report.

15. The page will show, Click on search.

16. The report will show,

17. To get the print click on print icon.

18. The page will open,

19. Then click on search.

20. It will show, Click on highlight option which is show as below page,

21. We can used it as usual required.

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