Vendor Rating

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What is Vendor Rating?

Vendor rating refers to give rank to a vendor. like first level, second level etc.


In zenscale, user can give rating to vendor and rating will reflect on Vendor Ageing. Via this user can access that which vendor is ore regular with company.

Use Case

Suppose, there is firm “XYZ Ltd”. They have lots of vendors but it difficult for them to remember which vendor is more valuable for them.

With this option, they can give rating to vendor and that will reflect in vendor aging and it will be easy for them to keep their bonding with vendor.

Steps to be performed for Vendor Rating.

1.Go to Vendor

1.1.Go to Apps and subscribe “Vendor Settings”.

1.2.Activate Vendor Rating

2.Masters and click on Vendor Rating

2.1.Enter code and name. Click on save.

3.Assign rating to Vendor

4.Vendor Aging-> User can see a new column for vendor rating. Here user can filter vendor rating wise.

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