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What is Salary Unpaid?

Salary unpaid is a feature that is using to manage the unpaid salary details from the salary report.HR can easily manage the unpaid salary details from this feature.

Overview :-

Salary unpaid is a feature that provides access to show the unpaid salaries of the employee in the salary report.HR can view the transparent report of the unpaid salary of employees.

Use Case :-

Assume a company name with Abhishek Industries Private Limited. In this company 1000+ employees working. Due to a large number of employees count HR facing many issues while calculating the manual unpaid amount of salaries. In this case, Zenscale provides salary unpaid features. with the help of this feature, the user can update the unpaid salaries and also view theses employees in the salary report.

Steps to be performed :- Following below steps to work in salary unpaid :-

1. Click on Salary Processing.

2. Salary Processing > Unpaid Salary

3. Select employees which you want to unpaid salaries

4. User can view the vouchers of unpaid employee from view voucher option.Follow below steps to about the voucher print.:-

1. Click on Voucher Print as show below

2. Select Time period.

3. Select Employee ID of employee

4. Click on Print

5. Voucher print is showing as below

6. In salary report these unpaid salaries showing in Different color.

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