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What is Depreciation Run?

In Zenscale, if user is using Fixed Asset feature in software. Then user can post depreciation from Depreciation Run.


In Depreciation Run, system shows acquisition value, depreciation value and opening value for next year. SO user gets a detailed report in Zenscale.

Use Case

Suppose there is a firm “XYZ Ltd”. This is a manufacturing firm. They purchase lots of assets and it is hard for them to maintain record for these assets.

With help of this option, User can post all entries in system and later on user can post depreciation with just one click.

Steps to be performed to post depreciation via Depreciation Run

1.Go to Fixed Asset

2.Go to Transaction-> Click on Depreciation Run

2.1.User can see all details here in depreciation run. I)User can post depreciation by click on post. II)User can delete posted depreciation too. III)If user posted depreciation wrongly and want to post it again then just click on POST it will update the depreciation.

2.2.User can change depreciation type from dropdown if some assets are depreciated under other rule.

3.After posting entry, user can see its effect in Depreciation ledger and Asset Ledger. Please see related helpdocs for detailed information.

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