Entries with Budget

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What is Entries with budget?

After setting up budget user can post entries and it will be used. If budget is not sufficient it will stop user from posting entry and will intimate about overflowing the budget.

Steps to be performed for entries.

1.Budget process works on real financial transactions and Purchase Orders.

In this helpdoc we will discuss about budgeting in financial accounting only.

a)There is a ledger named “Budget Purchase 1”. And user has assigned it a monthly budget with annual accumulation for Rs.80000/-. Now user will post the entry.

Entry is more the Rs.80000 and it will stop and intimate that the value is more than budget.

b)If user post less then or equal to Rs.80000/- it will allow.

User can post entry in Debit note and credit note in same way. Budget is used in Purchase Order Approval and Purchase Order Creation too. Please refer to related helpdocs for detailed information.

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