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What is Material to Material Transfer?

Material to Material transfer is a transfer posting, It is used when user wants to transfer material quantity from one material to another material in between same location or different location depends upon user. After, this step quantity decreased in from material and increase in to transfer material stock.


A transfer posting from material to material results in the transferred quantity being managed under a different material number.The transferred quantity is deducted from last Material number's stock and addition in latest material inventory. other transaction remains same such as sale, purchase and consumption.

Use Case

Suppose that there is a company U P Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. that dealing with different kinds of chemicals.This feature is very beneficial for them. For example if they have Sulfuric acid with concentration of 90% and its is named as material A. Also, have material B, which is also the sulfuric acid with concentration of 70%.

Now if they have stored material A for a long time and then noticed that its concentration has actually got reduced to 70% over a period of time.Then this material A is as good as B and in this scenario, move the stock of material A to B. so, this transfer posting feature made this feature easy and convenient with one click transfer entry.

Steps to be preformed for Material to Material Transfer

1. Go to Inventory under Material Management.

2. Click on Material to Material Transfer app as shown below.

3. Click on Subscribe button.

4. Now click on Interchange Material for Transfer posting.

5. Following screen will open.

6. Select Material for Transfer > Transfer date > Description as shown below.

7. Click on Transfer button highlighted below.

8. Select material code for transfer material > Enter quantity > click on add as shown below.

9. As you can see Material added in the right table.

10. Click on Save transfer.

11.Click on Report to check complete list of transfer.

12. Here you can see transferred quantity with document numbers.

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