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What is Branch Management?

In Material Management, Branch management refers to the process of transferring or selling goods from a parent company to a child company, or from one branch to another branch within a company. This facilitates the availability of goods when needed and helps to optimize processes to make use of existing resources rather than buying new ones.


ERP system enables the management to keep a track of the movement of resources (goods) from one branch or company to another. This thus provides you with a bird’s eye view on the movement of goods.This allows to management different location at one place.

Use cases

Suppose that there is a company Shri sai Pvt. Ltd. has different branch at different locations. before they faces many issues to manage all the activities but now with Zenscale it is very issue to do all activities at one place. In this involved directly sale purchase to location and transfer feature is also available. they can use as they required. In our system dashboard is also include which shown real time data with reports, graphs and charts,

Thus, Branch Transfer enables to keep an efficient eye on this process by keeping track of all sale, Purchase sent and received products with in branch locations.

Steps to be performed for branch management

1. Go to Branch management under material management.

2. Screen will appear like this.

3. Click on branch. here two branches are already created in this company.

4. To create new Branch Location click on add branch.

5. Following screen will open.

6. Set the Company State and enter relevant details like Sales location code and description, state code, etc.

7. After this, Click on master. on add group.

9. Select material group to syn data.

10. Click on save.

11. Next click on material as you can see selected group materials synced with branch,

13. with material group unit is also synced directly.

14. Next, click on HSN to sync data.

15. Go to vendor and click on sync vendor.

16. Vendor data is also synced.

17. Here user can check data.

18. Next click on setting. Turn on setting as required in locations.

19. Click on Branch management setting and tick settings as needed.

20. Next go to branch management dashboard. you can check ta complete data as activities performed in the company.

21. User can also check graph with real time view.

22. Transactions performed in store shown in dashboard.

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