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What is Admin User in Zen Task?

Administrator User is the person who is the admin of an organization in Zen Task. An Organization Admin has access to all the work-spaces within the organization. The Zen task admin can be added by the Account admin.


Admin is the person who owns the authority to perform all possible operations available. This includes creating an Task, Activating/Changing existing settings, creating reports/dashboards, managing users, sharing reports,etc. There can be multiple admin users in Zen Task.

Use case:

Suppose there is a company that is working on a construction project. There are two upper level managers on the same scale. The company want to give the full access to both the managers. In this scenario, the organisation can user the Admin user feature to give equal rights to there managers.

Steps to Create User and assigning admin rights:

1. Sign in-to Zen Task

2. Click on "My Account"

3. Click on "Read More"

4. Fill the required fields and click on "Save"

5. First you have to Activate the user in Zen Task

6. Click on Setting icon

7. Now activate Admin user setting

8. Then, click on admin user.

6. Select the users you want to give all the admin rights.

7. Click on Save, your selected users will be activated as Admin users.

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