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What is In-house invoicing?

In house  refers to conducting an activity or operation within a company, instead of relying on outsourcing.This occurs when a firm uses its own employees and time to keep a division or business activity.


In-house invoicing is a type of sale that the feature of the Zenscale system helps to keep a track of all the in-house jobs that are ongoing in the company, right from the point of receiving the order to the final delivery of the product. The management can thus keep an eye on every phase of the delivery.

Case study

Suppose that there is a company Parveen Steel Pvt. Ltd. that create a number of Clothing products with an In-house team of manufacturing experts and stocking cloth. The company does this for their clients who outsource the demand .The In-house feature thus helps to keep a track of the resources, how they are being used, receiving of the order, and its final delivery.

The In-house invoicing feature helps them to keep a track of every single customer with crucial background details like the price.

Steps to be performed

Click on link

1. The page will open and click on in house job work.

2. After clicking on in house work click on in house job invoicing.

3. The page will open.

4. Select the customer name.

5.Select posting date.

6. After that click on add item.

7. For selecting material , press 1 and enter and select the material for in house invoicing.

8. Then add quantity and price and then after click on add.

9. The will show,

10. Then click on save and continue, you can edit the quantity also by click on option of edit also.

11. After click on save and continue, the document created.

12. Then after Click on report the page will open fill up all the data and click on search.

13. The report will show,

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