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What is Material?

Materials are those commodities which can be part of your raw product or final product. It can be include entities like parts, assemblies, lubricants, coolants, tools, accessories, cleaning agents, fuels, etc. In ERP software materials are base for every transactions like purchase, sale or consumption.


Materials components are used in every transactions .It helps their users to keep track on their inventory and utilize their resources with real time stock updates & reports. so It helps to boost their productivity and performance of the manufacturing unit.

Use cases:

Assume that there is a company Parveen steel Pvt. Ltd. that makes use of different materials, namely materials metal roofing and steel beams. Materials roofing is manufactured by the company itself and steal beams are purchased from different vendors. Thus, System stored effectively and make a reliable database that can easily differentiate produced goods and purchased goods.

In addition, each material in system is associated with unique material code which helped them to search and track material hassle free.It integrates all material data in a single materials database eliminates the problem of data redundancy and permits the data to be used not only by Purchasing, but by other Transactions such as Inventory Management, Materials Planning and Control, Invoice Verification, and so on.

Steps to be preformed to create material

1. Go to Material Folder

2. To create material you need to complete the master-

3. Next Click on Create Material.

4. Add all details about the Material including material name, group, base unit of measures and description.

Material Name > Select Material Group > Select Base Unit > Material Description

5. Then Click on Save and Continue.

6.After Save Material if you want any changes in it Then click on Edit as shown below.

7. Click on Report section you can see all materials report here.

8. You can filter report material wise or materials Group wise.

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