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What is Day Book?

A daybook is a book of original entry in which an accountant records transactions by date, as they occur. This information is later transferred into a ledger, from which the information is summarized into a set of financial statements.


In daybook, user can see all type of entries in double entry mode. Actually in old times, when books were used to be written by hand on registers. At those times, accountants used to post entry in day book and then they used to move it to ledgers. In current times, we post entry in software and it automatically goes to daybook.

Use Case

Suppose there is a firm XYZ Ltd. They post lots of entries in entire month. So sometimes they don’t remember that which bill has been posted in which mode i.e. purchase or journal.

With this option, user can check all type of entries in Daybook but the entry should be related to financial transaction.

Steps to be performed for Day Book

1.Go to Financial Reports

1.1.Go to Reports and click on Day Book

2.User can search here by “Posting Date” and “Document Date”.

2.1.Here use can see all details. Here user can edit and delete document which are posted in financial accounting module. User can not edit or delete the document which are posted in Material management module.

3.User can see data document wise. Just select document type.

4.User can search data in three parameters i)Equal to ii)Equal to greater than iii)Equal to Less than.

5.User can set print layout. User can print & download report.

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