Financial Budgeting Report

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What is Financial Budgeting Report?

It shows the complete details of yearly & monthly detail of budget and its use.


User can easily track the budget recording. Where the budget is used and why.

Use Case

Suppose there is firm “XYZ Ltd”. They had assigned budgets and at the end of the year they need to scrutiny to verify the usage of budget.

With this option user can see detailed report of budget.

Steps to be performed to see Budget Report.

1.Go to Financial Budgeting

1.1.Go to Report and Click on Financial Budget Report

2.Search period wise.

2.1. Budget Report-> a)Budget name b)Budget type c)Actual Budget d)Raise Budget e)Actual Value (Used via Transaction) f) Balance. User can see all details.

2.2.Also user can see entries details by click on “i” button.

2.3.Report: i)User can download and print the report. ii)User can set the print layout.

2.4. Open Purchase Order: This will be explained in Purchase Order with Budgeting Helpdocs for better understanding.

Please note: If user has used Purchase Order that will reflect in Open PO and the Budget balance formula will be as follows

Balance- Open Purchase Order Value= Actual Balance.

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