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What is material opening?

The material opening is defined as the in hand material storage in certain quantity in the form of inventory stock. It is the transaction of module material use for particular stock i.e. opening stock for particular quantity.


Material opening is the in hand stock of any organisation that is to be input in the system at the time of implementation, so as they can start there transaction working based on their in-hand stock.

Use case-

Suppose that there is company Parveen pvt ltd. The company created material data according to their requirement. The company generate their opening quantity with their opening price for particular location.Thus ,In addition each material associated with their unique quantity and price. While adding opening quantity and opening price in material opening it help us for purchase and sale module.

Thus, System stored effectively and make a reliable database that can easily differentiate produced goods and purchased goods.

Steps to be performed

Click on link

1.The below page will open

2. Before click on material module , first click on inventory for creation of storage location

3. After clicking on storage location the page will open

4. Create location according their code.

5. Click on material

6. click on material opening

7. After clicking on material opening the page will show

8. Select the material code and created location and add opening quantity and opening price .

9. After filling mandatory click on save and continue.

10. After click on save Material opening will be saved.

11.To see report click on report.

12. The below material opening report will open

13. In another way material opening can also added as click on create material via through module material.

14. Click on material fill all the mandatory and then click on opening tab

15 After clicking on opening the below form will show

16 After filling all the mandatory fields click on save and continue

17 To see report click on report which is we done as above and the page will show and select the material group.

18. After selecting the material group click on search.

19. After click on search the below report will open, where you can check he opening stock against matera

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