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What is Salary Processing ?

Salary Processing is a process for Creating salaries and getting salary sheets for a particular month. Salary processing is making correctly computed salary report of employees based on the present/absent days, paid/unpaid leaves, breaks, and deductions.

Overview :-

Salary processing is the most important process while preparing the salaries of employees in Zenscale. Salary processing is a process that can provide a salary report within few clicks. While the salary processing system automatically calculates the Attendance (Present or Absent days), Paid and unpaid leaves and Deductions.

Use Case :-

Suppose a company name with Abhishek Industries Private Limited. The HR at this Company uses the Salary Processing App to calculate the salary of employees by taking into account all the phases of the salary such as base salary, deductions, and penalties. The process is fast and useful as all the details required for computation are already saved on the ERP system.

  • Steps to be perform Salary Processing :-

1. Salary processing > Salary processing

2. Select Month and Year

3. Click on Attendance Processing

* After Completing 100% of attendance processing tab Automatically Change to Salary Processing.

4. Click on Salary Processing.

5. Click on Salary report to view salary details of employees.

In the Salary report, the user can view the Payslip of employees which are showing proper deduction and addition of amounts with net payable.

In the Salary report, the user can view the salary structure of employees with ID card and name. It is showing the total payable amount to employees with total payable days according to Attendance.

After Relieving employees showing in red color in the salary report.

The user can print this report in A3 and A4 Size "Salary Print" papers accordingly in the salary report.

user can download an excel file of a salary report.

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