Integration of Self care login with User

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How to integrate Self care login with Zenscale user ?

1) Login to your company code using Admin user.

2) Click on the login setting button (marked by red).

3) Click on the ‘Account Setting’ button (marked by red)

4) Click on the ‘Read more’ button (marked by red).


5) Click on the ‘Edit’ button (marked by red) and select the user-name to be integrated from the drop-down (marked by green)

6) Click and select the Employee id(marked by red) to integrate with the selected user.


7) Now login to your company code using the integrated user.

8) Click on the Payroll button to open the Payroll module (marked by red)

9) Click on the ‘Employee login’ button(marked by red) to switch to the Self care login.


10) The user will be transferred to Self care login and can conduct all the associated activities.

11) Now to switch back to the User, just click on the ‘User Login’ button(marked by red).

12) After clicking on the ‘User login’ button, user can use all the associated activities of a company user.

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