How a Brush manufacturing startup streamlined Production and Inventory process to manage timely deliveries?

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A Brush Manufacturing Startup

 Goregaon East, Mumbai, India

How Brush manufacturing start-up based out in Mumbai was able to overcome the challenges faced for raw material inventory management and Production process tracking to ensure timely deliveries?

About the company

A Mumbai based brush manufacturing company, which started their business in early 2019 is engaged in manufacturing all type of brushes, such as hair brush, bottle cleaning brush, shaving brush etc. Company has two separate manufacturing units, one manufactures the handles of the brushes and other unit manufacture the fiber.


During our first interaction with their company’s manager, we analyzed the following challenges:

  • The team was incapable  to track the raw material inventory from the inward to consumption against the manufacturing process.
  • It was arduous for the company to trace the inventory they require to complete the particular sale order.
  • In addition to this, the difficulties escalated whenever they  needed to provide the time frame to the  clients for the delivery which resulted in client’s discontentment.
  • Moreover, purchase management was also a  concern because the company was not following any procedure  for purchasing the material.

 As per the discussion, manager of the company shared his wish list for the purchase management, such as indent creation, purchase order, & purchase invoice. Similarly, with sales part in which they required to interlink the sale order with production process so that they can have the brief idea about the stock they required to complete  particular sale order.

Further, company has two different branches for the component manufacturing. Manager required a single platform to manage both the branches. 


As the company was a new startup, we offered them a bunch of selected features, such as purchase management (purchase request, purchase order, purchase invoice), sale management (sale order and sale invoice), consumption (Job order wise consumption), job order process, & confirmation to get the finish good in the inventory.

With the above mentioned features, trace ability of inventory became easy for the company and confirmations of the processes became single click operation.

Owing to this, their team was able to complete the processes gracefully. It resulted in overcoming the challenges after the implementation of Material management and Production planning system.

Features offered

To achieve the desired results, following applications were offered to the team:

  • Material Creation
  • Purchase order and invoice
  • Sale order and invoice
  • Consumption
  • Inventory reports
  • Job order creation
  • Job order’s linking with sale order
  • BOM creation
  • Activities/process creation
  • Piece wages
  • Access authorization
  • Branch Management


Following results were achieved post the implementation of above mentioned modules:

  • The job order creation against sale order gave a brief report about the inventory they required completing the particular sale order.
  • Hence, it accelerated the production process as well as resulted in heightened efficiency in handling orders.
  • For instance, let’s suppose if company receives a sale order for hair brushes. Firstly, they would create the job order against that particular sale order in the system. Then, system would generate the component required report which requires completing the sales order. 
  • Branch management feature helped company to transfer material among each other and kept the record for the same.
  • Moreover, both branches have their own production lines and have different users to take care the accounts.
  • From the admin point of view, it became easy for him to check the inventory status and production status from single platform. 


With the implementation of the Zenscale cloud based solution client achieved:

  • Real time based inventory report
  • Maintain the purchases
  • Tracking of production process
  • JIT inventory
  • Start creating indent on the basis of sale order requirement
  • Activity wise confirmation reports
  • Easy access to second unit

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