Purchase Group Creation

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What is Purchase Group Creation?

A Purchasing Group is an organizational unit that is responsible for the everyday procurement activities within an organization. Purchasing group is the key for a buyer or group of buyers responsible for certain purchasing activities.Purchase organisation is created by customizing.


In Zen scale's system the the purchase group creation feature use for tracking for a buyer or group of buyers responsible for the procurement activities within an organization.Purchasing group is a unit of a purchasing organization which is responsible for day to day certain buying activities.

Use Cases

Suppose that there is a company Core wire pvt ltd. the company use this feature to create customizing tracking for the procurement activities.This feature help for user to create only PO with specific material group that belongs to his Purchase group.

Steps to be performed

Click on Website


1. The folder will open.

2. Click on vendor folder.

3. Then after click on vendor the page will show.

4. Then click on purchase group creation master.

5. Then after click on purchase group creation, the page will open and fill up the field which is highlight as below.

6.The fill is field.

7. Then click on save and continue.

8. Then after it will show purchase group added successfully,

9. If we have to edit about purchase group creation then click on edit icon.

10. To see report click on report.

11. The report will show,

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