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What is attribute wise material creation?

Material attributes means which having the similar attributes are categorized together and assigned to a material type. It is a classification of allowed material into material types based on attributes such as sub category, color, size, article etc.


When the material is created, these attributes are linked together to form the name of the material. You cannot change the name of a material in the manner that you can change the name of attributes objects. Attributes define before material creation.When create a material, assign them attributes on the basis of their categories and similar attributes.

Use cases

Suppose that there is a company Shri sai Pvt. Ltd. is a textile company and have same items with different attributes on basis of color or size, therefore they need solution to classify materials. Configure attribute help them to created attributes as they required and assign to material as per their choice.So now its is very easy for them to manage attribute and categorized materials.

Steps to be preformed to create material attribute wise

1.Go to Material under Material Management

2. Now click on Create Material.

3. Select Via attribute to create materials attribute wise.

4.Click on Attribute as shown below.

5. Select category as needed.

6 system will show attributes as you configure in product attribute.

7. Select as you required here we are select first three just for create sample material.

8. Click on created.

9. Material name will be shown like this on the basis of attributes that you assigned to material.

10. Now, Select Material Group > Base unit > Material Description.

11. Select HSN code to calculate Tax in system.

12. Enter material opening (If needed)

13. Click on save and continue,

14. As you can see material saved successfully.

15. Click on Edit if required any changes.

16. Click on Delete if you want to delete this material.

17. Click on report to check complete list.

18. Material report will be opened and can be downloaded in excel.

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