Semi Automatic Attendance

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What is Semi Automatic?

In semi automatic attendance, Attendance will update automatically on the basis of number of days and assigned shift which are define by user.

Overview  -  

Semi-automatic attendance is a feature, with just a few clicks, you can generate whole month attendance of employees. Accurate reports on hours worked, absences, over time, get a monthly summary report for any of the data/groups within an organization. Any customized report can be generated with centralized data-base which improves visibility and transparency.

1. Accuracy

Humans are prone to error, even if we provide them with supporting computational devices. Semi Automatic attendance ensure accurate time records and minimize the inevitable and costly errors with manual data entry. This accurate data thereby helps to provide accurate performance and payroll data.


In semi automatic attendance, user can update attendance in few clicks and also upload a CSV file for the same. Due to semi automatic attendance working on attendance is very smooth and easy to upload.

3. Visibility / Insights

Would you need a quick snapshot of all planned and unplanned absences for an employee or group? With just a few clicks, you can generate accurate reports on hours worked, absences, overtime, get a monthly summary report for any of the data/groups within the organization. Any customized report can be generated with the centralized data which improves visibility and transparency within the organization. Managers can also make use of the graphical views of the report to get a quick and easy understanding of attendance data. With a centralized, accurate attendance data hub, employers can strategically analyze and improve policies on leave, hours, workplace culture, performance, pay, etc., thereby enabling them to mature in the way they operate.

4. Hassle Free Workflow Management

Semi Automatic attendance system can provide good visibility of all data and can ease the workflow of payrolls, leaves and performance reviews. The manager can add for early departure, overtime, etc., immediately without any specific need. Forget the herculean task of manual scheduling. With just a few clicks, Semi automatic attendance system can help manage schedules, allocate work, and easily keep track of shift swaps. It can also help you to forecast workloads, resources.


In semiautomatic attendance HR can manage attendance data with few clicks and update it safely. Updating data showing in attendance Summary (Stamp day attendance, Chronological Muster report and in IN/OUT Report. With the help of these reports user can received correct and fully secure data.

Use cases  

Suppose a Company name with Abhishek Industries Private Limited. In this company marketing members not using punching machine for attendance because of visits one place to another place. So in this case HR can use semi automatic attendance. Suppose a marketing member present 16 days in whole month then HR can upload 16  number of days. Semi automatic feature create attendance according to his/her shift for 16 days.

Steps to be working in Semi Automatic Attendance :- Following below steps for the Functioning of Semi Automatic Attendance :-

1. Attendance > Click on semi automatic attendance.

2. Select an employee for attendance updation. (You can also select multiple employee at the same time)

3. Select From and To date

4. Click on Setting icon

5. Select shift of employee

6.  Mention present number of days.

7. Activate serialize attendance if you need attendance is in sequence

8.  Mention Over time hours if exist

9.  Mention week off present and holiday present if any

10. Select week off

11. Add remarks.

12. Click on Continue.

13. Click on search icon as showing in figure

14. After searching data is showing as below

15. Click on save attendance

16. Click on IN/OUT icon for attendance data

17. IN/OUT report showing attendance data which you updated

In semi automatic attendance user can use Attendance Editing in one click which is showing below:-

a) Click on attendance editing icon

b) Click on " Attendance Editing " for more details about attendance editing.

If user have number of employees for uploading attendance then we have a import option via CSV file. With the help of CSV file user can maintain whole attendance of employees with any problem. Following the below steps for Importing CSV File:-

1. Click on Semi-automatic Upload Attendance

2. Click on Download Sample.

3. Add the data of employees as showing below

4. Click on choose file.

5. Select saved file and click on open.

6. Click on Save

7. User can verify attendance data of employees in IN/OUT report

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