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What is Zen Confirmation app?

Zen Confirmation is an application to make the process of confirming the receipt of the assigned job or material easy as it leads to meet up the needs of the customers if you are a Zenscale production planning software user. It ensures that effective communication between all the job stages.


This app gives you the power to check and confirm the pending job orders all at once. It is very easy to use user can done entries directly from their Mobile anytime anywhere. It fix the production goals and to confirm activities of resources which are required to achieve finished resource goals.

Use cases

Suppose that there is a company Shri sai Pvt. Ltd. that manufactures shirts. There are a lot of processes involved like stitching, sewing and designing under which various tasks are assigned to the respective departments. As soon the the corresponding jobs are received, the departments are required to send back a confirmation in order to validate the assignment of the jobs.

This application helps them a lot, they can done entries directly though mobile as we can say it boost up the confirmation process.It Manage all the job order confirmations for Zenscale users in a click..It will show all the pending job orders and try to attempt for the confirmation for all pending orders at once.

Steps to be performed for Zen Confirmation

1. Go to Production Planning

2. Click on confirmation.

3. Now, click on Mobile apps.

4.Turn on confirmation setting.

5. After this, In mobile Go to play store.

6. Click on install button to download this application.

7. Now, click on open button.

8. Screen will appear like this.

9. Enter fields such as Company code > user name > Password as shown blow.

10. After login, pending confirm activities are shown like this. Select as you required.

11. Information will appear like this.

12. Select job order as needed.

13. Select Employee name from drop down list as required.

14. Enter confirmed quantity.

15. Select Location (if required)

16. Enter Remarks as required.

17. Now, click on save.

18. As you can see document saved successfully.

19. Now, click confirmed to check confirmed activities report.

20. Click on print icon to get print.

21. Here is confirmation activity slip download it and use as you need.

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