Fabrication clearance

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What is Fabrication clearance?

Fabrication clearance is a type of invoice which generated against fabrication activities, we can be simply defined as the invoice of payment by the company for goods that send for outsource activity. The document is also a record of the sent items for a particular activity both the vendor and the company.


This feature of the ERP system is dedicated towards helping the management to manage the entire expenses that are generated with outsourcing procedure starting from issuing items and receiving back finished goods.

Use cases

Suppose that there is a company Shri sai Pvt. Ltd. that manufactures designer shirts. While all other tasks are executed within the company, the process of packing the shirts is outsourced to a vendor with prices. Hence, with this feature fabrication clearance system is calculate complete invoice details on the basis of items issued to vendor. It helps to keep a track of the outsourcing activities and quantity of shirts that have been dispatched to the vendor with all other necessary details that are required to execute the job along with complete pricing detail.

Steps to be performed for Fabrication clearance

1. Go to Production Planning.

2. Click on Fabrication clearance.

3. Following screen will open.

4. Search for Fabrication document.

5. Information will appear like this.

6. Select Posting Date > Document Date > Remarks > Select vendor as required.

7. Click on save and continue.

8. Click on report to check complete list of created documents.

9. Now, click on print.

10. Select date and click on search.

11. Here is created document check the details and also download in excel.

12. Search dates for print.

13. click on print icon.

14. This is Outsource Bill invoice print, Download it and use as required.

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