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What is Grade?

A grade is a planned pay level for a given position within an organization.

Overview  -  

A grade is a master in Zenscale that can use for dividing employee's positions on the base of salary. In employee master grade used to defining the employee's salary type based on wages of employees

The grade is expressed through a salary range and typically the levels are set at each business entity.

Use cases -

Consider the salary grade for mid-level management positions at ABC. may be different from the salary grades of XYZ. When setting salary grades, company executives, hiring managers and other relevant parties will discuss the possible skill levels and credentials of professionals likely to be hired for a given position.

Steps to be preformed to create Designation

1.       Open the folder of Enrollment

2.       Enrollment> Click on Grade Creation

3. Input grade code

4. Then, add grade description  

5. Click on save & continue.

6. User can check Created Grade and download the report in excel as well.

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