Bills Receivable

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What is Bill Receivable?

Bill receivable refers to pay clear bill while making payment and after that check the pending bill report.


User can clear bills while posting receipt entry by selecting bills. The effect of same will reflect in Customer Ledger and Bill Receivable report.

Use Case

Suppose there is firm “XYZ Ltd”. They have lots of customer and sale with them. Due to that they receive lots of payments from customers. It is difficult for them to settle bills via Customer Clearance.

With this option, they can settle bills via posting bank receipt.

Steps to be performed for Bill Receivable

1.Go to Account Receivable

1.1.Go to Apps and activate bill receivable app.

2.Bank Receipt-> Select customer and enter amount. After that click on button marked by arrow.

2.1.User can see here, all bill are reflecting here. Select bill as per requirement and click on add. (Note: User can select multiple bills too).

2.2. User can see the document number in reference. Click on save to post entry.

3. Above entry was fully cleared. User can clear it partially too. Select partial and fill amount. And click on add. After that save voucher.

4.User can edit the entry and change the bill in selection but for that user has to revert clearance as if user uses bill receivable option then it run clearance too. Select clearing number and revert.

4.1.Now user can change bill and again save the entry.

5.In Customer Ledger: It is showing bill is partially cleared.

6.Go to Bill Receivable Report

6.1.Here user can see pending bills report.

If user uses this option then user does not need to clear entries in Customer clearance. The clearance will run automatically. But if user want to edit same entry then user will have to revert that clearance only after that user can edit the entry.

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