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What is Category

Category refers to a division of employees on the basis of certain features or the position they hold. 

Overview -  

A category is a master in Zenscale which can use for dividing employee's positions on the base of salary or work. In employee master Category used to defining the employee's type based on working and salary amount.

Use cases

Assume a company name Indian acrylics limited. In this company many employees working and these employees divided according to work e.g. Ram working in this company as a worker, sham is working as contractor and Suman working in the same company as staff so in this case, those employees working in the same company but with a different salary so they all define with different categories for easy classification.

Steps to be preformed to create Category

1.Open Enrollment folder.

2.Click on Category Creation.

3. Add Category Code

4. Add Category Description

5. Click on Save & Continue.

6. User can check created category list and download the report in excel as well.

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