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What is Week off Occurrence?

The week off occurrence enables the administration to define the different days weekly off in each week for their employees.

Overview :-

In Zenscale, multiple weekly off can be assigned to a different set of employees. In organizations, there can be different weekly off policies assigned to a different set of employees based on employees’ location, nature of work & other demographics. Zenscale lets you add weekly off and assign them to a different set of employees.

Many organizations have different weekly off for employees. HR facing several problems while managing different week off for employees.In Zenscale users easily assign different week off days to different employees in a month.

Use case:-

Suppose a company with the name Abhishek Industries Private Limited. Sunday is the weekly off for all employees. or some policy changes in the week off by Administration Second Saturday of each month is considered a week off. In this case, HR has updated this information on the week off occurrence app so that week offs are automatically reflected in the system.

Steps to Activate week off occurrence setting:- Following below steps to activate week off occurrence app setting :-

1. Week off > Unsubscribe apps.

2. Unsubscribe apps > Week off occurrence

3. Click on subscribe

4. Refresh the page.

5. Click on week off occurrence and activate the setting.

6. Click on Week off Assignment.

7. Select week off type as Occurrence.

8. Select Month and year

9. Set week offs in calendar

10. Click on Save.

11. Rule saved Successfully.

  • In Zenscale user can set this rule Employee wise and Department wise.

Employee Wise Rule :- Following below for Employee wise week off rule :-

a) Week off > Week off assignment

b) Activate the employee wise week off setting

c) Click on Go to Master

d) Select First week off

e) Choose Week off and click on continue

f) Select Second week off

g) Choose week and click on continue

h) Click on Save

  • Set Department Wise week off rule

Following Below steps for department wise week off rule:-

a) Week off > Week off assignment

b) Week off assignment > Click on Department wise Week off

c) Week off > Week off assignment

d) Week off Assignment > Go to Master

e) Select Department which you want to change week off

f) Select week off occurrence

g) Select week off days in calendar.

h) Click on Save.

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