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What is Short leave approval?

Short leave approval is a type of access which is given to the higher authorities or HR manager of the organization with the help of this feature they can approve or disapprove applied short leaves or leaves as they required.

Overview -  

Zenscale is an all-in-one platform that handles all employee short leaves requests while ensuring the smooth functioning of their operations. Here’s what a short leaves approval does for you:

•    Eliminates paperwork

•    Removes manual interventions

•    Offers real-time visibility of data

•    Ensures legal compliance

•    Reflects your organization’s values

•    Offers mobile access

Use cases

Assume a company name with Abhishek industries. In this company employees have some relaxing hours is called short leave. So while applying for short leave by employees the approval going to the HR for approving and rejecting. With the help of short leave approval, HR can maintain the real-time visibility of data.

How to activate Short leave approval setting:- You can set the salary approval by following these steps:-

1.  Go to short leave approval app in short leave

2. Click on Unsubscribe apps in short leave

3. Subscribe the Short leave approval setting.

4. Refresh the page.

5. Click on short leave approval and activate the setting.

How to apply Short Leave :- Following below steps for applying short leave through employee login :-

1. Click on apply Short leave

2. Select date when you want apply short leave

3. Select short leave time

4. Add Remarks

5. Click on save & continue.

How to approve Short leave :- After applying short leave the approval is going to his punching head then he/she can decide to approval or rejection. Following below steps for approving short leave:-

1. Go to the notification icon.

2. Click on short leave tab.

3. Click on Green tick for approving and on red for rejection as shown in below figure.

3. Click on Green tick for approving the short leave

4. Short leave approved successfully.

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