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What is Interchange Material?

Interchange Material transfer is a transfer posting, It is used when user wants to transfer material quantity from one Location to another location or different location depends upon user. After, this step quantity decreased in from first location and increase in to transfer location material stock.


A transfer posting Interchange material results in the material transferred quantity being managed under different locations.The transferred quantity is deducted from last Material number's stock and addition in latest material inventory to another location. other transaction remains same such as sale, purchase and consumption.

Use Case

Suppose that there is a company U P Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. that dealing with different kinds of chemicals from different locations.This feature is very beneficial for them. For example if they have Sulfuric acid in stock at Delhi location and same material is out of stock at Chandigarh location.

With this feature they can easily transfer material from one location to another location with in one click. this transfer posting feature made transfer easy and convenient with transfer entry. It also helps them to manage smooth flow of transactions with in the organisation.

Steps to be preformed for Interchange material

1. Go to Material Management.

2. Click on Inventory.

3. Now, click on interchange material.

4. Following screen will open.

5. Select Material That you want to transfer.

6. Select Transfer Date.

7. Enter Description and Material Information will appear like this.

8. Here, click on Transfer sign.

9. Select material > Enter Quantity > Select Location as shown below.

10. Click on Add.

11. Information will appear like this.

12. Click on save transfer.

13. To Get print > click on Print as highlighted below.

14. Click on Search > Select document > click on Print icon.

15. Print format will appear like this.

16. Now, click on report.

17. select date interval and click on search.

18. Here you can check all create documents as per date selection.

19. Next, click on stock report.

20. Following pop up will open. Select material and click on search.

21.Here you can check Location wise closing stock.

22. Check compete Transaction summary.

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