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What is Material Group?

Material group is the level in system to categorized Materials and assigned them as per their Nature and properties. You can create different kinds of material group as per their company needs.Such as Raw Material and Finished Materials.


Material group is a type of Category to sort existing materials. So that user can easily differentiate materials and find out particular material that needed. In addition, group of material with similar attributes will be a part of single material group. Group creation varies for every company.

Use case-

Suppose that there is a company Parveen steel Pvt. Ltd. that makes use of different materials Groups, namely Raw material and Finished materials. Thus, System stored database and reports on the basis of these material groups which are helpful to track material as per group and work smoothly.

This feature helps them as account determination. It is also used to group the materials those are used for a specific reason.It is defined across the corporate group to complete material assortment from a business management viewpoint.

Steps to be preformed to create material Group

1. Go to material Folder

2. Click on Material Group as shown below

3. After clicking on Material group the below form will open.

4. Here, enter group name that you need.

Material Group > Electronic Goods > Save and Continue.

5. Click on Report section you can see all materials report here.

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