Payroll management in a Food and Beverages Company

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A Food and Beverages Company


Haridwar, Uttrakhand


How a Haridwar based Food and Beverages Company was able to Manage Payroll of its Employees?

About the company

Company is a Manufacturer of mineral water & soda water in Haridwar, Uttarakhand.

The unit has a total of 100+ employees including Staff, workers  and on- field employees.


Initially, company was managing the payroll manually through the use of Microsoft excel. Because of the absence of a system to calculate salary following challenges were recorded:

  • Client had installed a  bio metric machine but employees used to  skip attendance punching and manipulate the attendance at the end of the month.
  • Because of the absence of control of the authorities the owner ordered to start keeping the attendance records on the register. He wanted a system that could be integrated with Bio-metric and has least manual intervention.
  • As discussed with the owner of the company, he required a system which could help them to maintain discipline in the company and increase the efficiency of the workers.
  • Manual salary process took 5-6 days to understand employee’s  attendance and rest of time was consumed to create the ESI and PF challans. 
  • Employee’s data base was also the pain point, as they did not have proper information of employees.  If they had any,it was difficult for them to find the paperwork.
  • Moreover, they did not have any track of the field employees , whether they were on duty or not.
  • Further, during the interaction with the owner and HR manager, we understood that they required a option from which they could get the intimation of absent employees as well as the GPS location for the field employees.


To overcome from the challenges our team decided to come up with following approach:

  • Master creation of employee master where they could fill all the details they require. Also, the personal file upload feature helped them to reduce the paper work and keep the record digitally.
  • Automatic attendance sync provided the real time attendance which helped them make discipline in the organization.
  •  Leave policy could be configured in the system.
  • An app for on field employees where could mark their attendance, location can be tracked, leaves and official duty could be applied.
  • Admin can have full control over the software.
  • Analytical reports could be given to the owner.

Features offered

To achieve the desired results, following applications were offered to the team:

  • Employee master creation
  • Shift creation
  • Employee self services mobile app
  • Access authorization
  • Automatic attendance synchronization with bio metric machine
  • Advance deduction
  • Leave policy master creation
  • Email payslip via software to all employees
  • Expense claim through mobile app
  • ESI & PF challan reports


Following results were achieved post the implementation of above mentioned modules:

  • The automatic attendance sync with bio metric machine helped company get absent intimation through the portal and real time tracing of attendance every day, hence ensuring none of the employee skips attendance punching.
  • Now, HR does not need to spend long hours on Salary Processing.
  • Salary process became single click job for him. Also, statuary part allows company to generate the ESI & PF challan automatically.
  • ESS portal allow field employees to mark their attendance on daily basis along with their respective locations. Further, they can mark their leaves as per company’s policy and claim their daily expenses through the mobile app.
  • Moreover, the access authorization feature helped owner to give limited access to the HR to avoid any edition in the attendance and the salary.
  • Company started maintain employee records, such as aadhar number, pan card number, ESI number, family detail, academic proofs etc. 
  • Lastly, advance deduction feature allow company to manage deduction in the salary automatically while processing the salary.


With the implementation of the Zenscale cloud based solution client achieved:

  • Maintain the employees’ data digitally
  • Limited access to the users
  • Automatic attendance without any interruption
  • Error free Salary processing
  • Tracking of field employees
  • Zero manual intervention
  • Timely salary disbursement
  • Managing deductions
  • Complete real-time tracking




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