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What is Sale Report ?

Sales report are a record of sales activity over a particular period of time.Generated either by individual sales reports.

Sale reports include data on sale data volume, ongoing opportunities, new accounts, revenue, and customer acquisition costs.


The sale report help the management of company to check the the performance of their sales team, plan effective sales strategies, decide on a sales forecasting process and most importantly, maintain or reduce the length of the sales cycle.Sales report are of Inventory management report can provide business with data that can guide to company decisions.

When managing company trying to improve inventory, operations and trying to keep levels of inventory without overstocking or under stocking so they may help in the way of sale report.

Use cases

Assume that there is a company Shri sai Pvt ltd. They manufactures shirt for their customers. In company customers often need a sales order to specify their required material. Company requires an online ERP software to manage their sale report and track the order till its complete.

When company Implemented Zenscale ERP. The sale report helps them to keep a track of every single customer with their sales order or sale invoice details like the price, discount offered, payment status, mode of payment, etc .related all sales report.

Steps to be performed

Click on website

1.The page will open,

2.Click on sale.

3. The sales folder will open,

4. In reporting click on sale report.

5.The search filter will show, fill all the mandatory fields.

6. After filling all the mandatory click on search.

7. The sale report will show,

8. If we want to see sale report particular sale invoice wise report then select the sale invoice.

9. Then click on search.

10. The report will show, according to selected sale invoice.

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