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What is week off?

Week off is a day off which is given to employees every week. Week off is a day during the week when employees take rest every week.

Overview -  

Any day during the week when your employees are not expected to work or come to the workplace is called as weekly off. Usually, a lot of organizations, where employees are having desk jobs, provide weekends (Saturdays & Sundays) as weekly off. But, organizations that are working 24 X 7, or having their business run on weekends, don’t follow a typical weekly off cycle.Such organizations may or may not follow a fixed weekly off, but instead schedule their weekly off from time to time.

Zenscale provides specific rules which an organization follows when deciding on their weekly offs since weekly offs are based on various factors, like, nature of work employees are involved in, type of industry the organization is into, and/or culture/location, etc.

Multiple weeklies off can be assigned to a different set of employees. In organizations, there can be different weekly off policies assigned to a different set of employees based on employees’ location, nature of work & other demographics. Zenscale lets you add weekly off and assign them to a different set of employees.

Use cases 

Suppose Raghav working in Abhishek Industries Private limited. Raghav who works 6 days a week starting from Monday to Saturday and Sunday is weekly off for them. For this HR can simply use the week off assignment for assigning Sunday as a Week off to Raghav. After this setting, user has rights to change employee's week offs accordingly.

How to set Availment Rule for Week off :- Available is important part for week off in zenscale. Follow below steps to set available rule for week off :-

1. Click on Week off folder.

2. Week off > Click on unsubscribe apps.

3. Unsubscribe > Click on Week off Availment

4. Week off Availment >Click on Subscribe tab

5. Refresh the page.

6. Click on Week off availment rules and Activate the setting

7. Setting activated Successfully

8. Click on Go to Master

In Week off Availment user have three type of settings :

  • Collective hours in week or Days .
  • Days (with minimum hours) and
  • Days (with Full and Half day) as showing below :-

Hour wise :- User can set present hours in each week for week off Availment.

Days (with minimum hours) :- User can set present days and present hours fixed in this setting in each week.

Days (with Full and Half day):- User can set full day and half day in each week for week off availment.

Now we can use it Hour wise collective Hour wise.

9. Click on Specific Designation or all designations for applying rule.

10 . Click on hours.

11. Input Hours limit.

12. In Zenscale by default only present days consider for week off but we have few more option to set unique rules in week off.(if user Required) Which is :-

a) Consider Holiday hours.

b) Consider Leave Hours.

c) Consider Week off hours

d) Consider Short leave hours.

13. Set it accordingly and save.

How to Activate setting of Assign Week off to employees :- Following below steps to activate setting of assigning week off to employees:-

1. Click on Week Off

2. Week off > Click on unsubscribe apps

3. Click on Week off assignment rules

4. Unsubscribe > Click on subscribe tab

5. Refresh the page.

6. Click on Week off assignment and activate the setting.

7. Click on Go to Master.

8. Set the week off day accordingly

9. Click on save.

if user also activate below settings for week off assignment :-

a) Employee wise

b) Department wise

c) Plant wise

Fix Week Off :-

Sometimes an employee joined in the mid of month so week off availment not completed and Week off Unpaid to an employee. In this case, the user can use Fix week off for paid week off. Below steps for Fix week off :-

1. Click on Week Off folder.

2. Week off > Fix Week off

3. Select Employee Id from drop down.

4. Select a date which is unpaid week off

5. Click on Save

User have import option to upload number of data via Excel or CSV file. Check below Steps for the same :-

1. Week off > Fix week off > Click on import

2. Import > Click on Download sample

3. Fill the data in this file as given Example.

4. Click on choose icon

5. Select the path of file and upload

6. Data upload successfully

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