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What is dedutions?

This app enabled the HR to define the types of deductions that can be made from the salaries of employees, such as Insurance, Punching Deduction from Overtime, etc.

Overview :-

Several sort of deductions are available in Zenscale Deductions.User can easily Scroll down the deduction type tab, select one and directly apply the deductions.These deduction types directly deduct from the salary of employees and reflecting in payslip.

Usse Case :-

Assume In Ahishek Industries Private Limited Company, a fixed percentage of each employee’s salary is deducted and paid towards compulsory insurance. With the Deduction Settings App, the HR has set the deduction percentage for each pay band so that all such deductions are automatically made and the employees are paid a fair and accurate amount.

Steps to be performed :- There is several deductions which is showing below.Following below steps to know about deductions :-

1. Click on salary deduction

2. Choose Employee ID

3. Choose deduction type which user want

4. Select time period

5. input amount

6. Input description

7. Click on Apply & Continue

8. Deduction applied successfully

9. User can view the applied Dedution details with the click of report icon

Zenscale provide the import option for applying "n" number of employeees deductions. Following below steps to know about import option :-

1. Click on Import option

2. Click on download sample

3. Fill the sample file according to given example

4. Save this file after adding data

5. Click on choose option

6. Select the path where the sample file saved

7. Click on save.

8. Deduction applied successfully.

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