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What is additional unit?

Additional unit is a feature that allows multiple units of measure for a single item.This is used when item is might be stocked in packs but sold in kg. therefore this feature provide flexibility to organisations.


Additional Unit support two units of measure for a single item, First define a ratio between additional units of measure and base unit of measure. Once this ratio has been established, the price and other required conversions are automatically updated in the system.

Use cases-

Suppose that there is a company Shri Pvt. Ltd. that manufactures shirts. They need to purchase fabric in kg from wholesale market, but consume the same in Pcs. So, they need this feature to manage working in there company.

Zenscale allows then to assign double units to their items. this feature eliminates human error in manual calculations and conversions from one unit of measure to another. It provide accurate pricing and costing of inventory items and Streamline sales analysis reports when converting to the stocking unit of measure.

Steps to be performed to use additional unit

1.Go to Material under Material Management

2. Click on Material master in app section.

3. Click on subscribe button.

4. After subscribed,Click on Material master.

5. Turn on the additional fields setting and click on Go to Master.

6. Setting unit as option turn on to assign additional unit to item.

7. After this click on Create material.

8. Click on others as you can see the fields for additional unit.

9. For an example: 5 pieces is equal to 1 Kg. Thats means the stock will be calculate the base and additional unit on theses master bases.

10. Click on Save and Continue.

11. At the time of invoicing you can see when you put 10 pieces system will automatically converted them to kg as the master is set.

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