Production planning with Piece wages calculation in a Cycle Parts Manufacturing Company.

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A Cycle Parts Manufacturing Company


Ludhiana, Punjab


How a Cycle Parts manufacturing in Ludhiana was able to overcome challenges related Daily Production tracking and calculate daily wages of the workers on the grounds of Production done and further enforcement of discipline in his organisation?

About the company

Established in the year 1970 at Ludhiana (Punjab, India), the client is affianced in manufacturing and exporting highly durable range of Bicycle Freewheel and Bicycle Freewheel Parts. Furthermore:

  • These products are manufactured in accordance with industry set guidelines using high quality metals and highly urged for their easy installation, sturdiness, rust resistance and durability.
  • The Clients exports all over the World.
  • The client has one of the most comprehensive freewheel testing facility in the world which includes load testing as per International Standards.


Before the client could be given any advise upon the solutions it was very important to understand the challenges faced by him which are as below:

  • The owner of the company  was struggling to have records of the production status and piece wages calculation of the workers based upon the production done by them.
  • As the company has more than 150 employees and most of them are working as daily wage workers on piece wages, Manager of the company kept the record on the production card continuously but the data  was not visible to the owner at any point and there were manual error as well many a times.
  • Further, employees’ punctuality was the biggest problem for the owner.
  • Company’s owner required software where he could create the policies for the late comers.
  • Also,he required to give the limited access to other staff members to avoid the manipulation of  the reports.
  • The real time attendance status was the issue and it was hard to get the detail of absentees.
  • Moreover, it was difficult for him to track the current status of production of each Job order and gave exact delivery dates to his Customers that sometimes resulted in Client’s dissatisfaction.

 Due to aforementioned concerns, it became very hard to complete job orders and deliver on time.


To overcome the above mentioned challenges, it became mandatory to organize everything on a single platform. Our team explained about Zen scale’s automatic attendance synchronization feature which can fetch the daily attendance from any bio-metric machine without any manual intervention and manipulations. Zenscale cloud based applications fulfilled the entire requirement of client with its features of payroll management and production planning modules. Both of the modules are integrated with each other. Production planning module allow user to create activities/processes along with activity price per piece which later be imported into system with Employee code, Material and quantity produced. The payroll module in sync with information from the production planning can calculate the salary and piece wages accordingly.

Features offered

To achieve the desired results, following applications were offered to the team:

  • Employee master creation
  • Shift creation
  • Monthly penalty rules
  • Access authorization
  • Leave policy master creation
  • Loan management
  • Advance deduction
  • Overtime settings
  • Piece wages
  • Automatic attendance synchronization with bio-metric machine
  • Job order creation
  • Activities/process master
  • Employee wise activity confirmation

Following results were achieved with the implementation of the system:

  • The access authorization feature helped owner to give limited access to the managing staff.
  • Company set up the rules for the late comers and absentees which helped company to complete every job order with more efficient way.
  • As every entry reflects on admin portal on real time basis, owner started improving the production and the quality of the finish goods through the feature of Rejection and Rework.
  • Automatic attendance helped them to have punctuality among workers. Moreover, the attendance incentive policy encouraged all workers to work full moth without any leave which would give them some extra amount as incentive with the salary.
  • Overtime rules setting gave advantage to the company to mark limit on the overtime and stop overtime to going beyond the budget.
  • Further, daily based confirmation entry allowed the staff members and supervisors to track production status and keep the record in the system so that payroll module can sync the information from production planning module without any interruption. 
  • In addition to this, inbuilt loan management feature helped the organisation to deduct the EMI direct from the salary every month automatically and generate the loan balance report.

With the implementation of the Zenscale cloud based solution client achieved:

  • Maintain the employees’ data
  • Limit overtime to a certain budget
  • Limited access to the users
  • Automatic attendance without any interruption
  • Production tracking
  • Single click salary processing
  • Overall Process efficiency
  • Fulfillment of customer commitments
  • Complete real-time tracking
  • Error free piece wages calculation.



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