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What is Task Group ?

Task group is basically the group in which the organization can maintain the workflow of their departments. In Zen task system can be categorized on the basis of task groups.


Task group is a feature used to differentiate the different types of tasks. We can also use the task group as a department based on the client's requirement.

Use case:

Suppose there is a consultant company which is working for their clients to recruit employees based on their Job profile. They have two groups - one is the team which handles the current client database the other one is to acquire new clients.

They can sort and differentiate between their existing and new clients using the Task group feature.

If we take an example for a company managing their internal tasks based on their specified groups as Standard task,CRM task and Marketing task, the same process is shown in the below step by step process.

Steps to create Task Group

1.Click on Setting

2. Click on Task Group

3. Enter Group

4. Now add Group Description, then click on save icon.

5. You can also check the created groups from the creation screen and from the top drop-down as well.

6. You will get a dynamic dashboard which is visible on the basis of group selection.

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