Partial Paid

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What is Partial Paid?

Partial paid is feature that is use to record the partially paid salary amount from salary to employees.This application help to HR which amount is unpaid to employees in every month.

Overview :-

Partial paid is a great feature to be given by Zenscale. With the help of this feature HR can maintain partial payments which is given to employees in every month.HR easily maintain the payment balances of every month. It can provide transparent and clear data for viewing in the reports.

Use Case :-

Suppose a company name with Abhishek Industries Private Limited. In this company, HR was not able to identify the net payable and the paid amount to the employee. After using Partial paid option,HR was able to input the paid amount. Now the HR can check the paid and the payable amount in salary report.

Steps to be performed :-

1. Click on salary processing folder.

2. Salary Processing > Partial Paid

3. Select Employee ID

4. Select Month, Year and input amount.

5. Click on Save & Continue.

6. After processing Salary, the partial paid amount will reflect in salary report and Salary Payslip.

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