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What is Machine setup?

Machine setup refers to the period of time that is required to prepare a machine for its next run after it has completed producing the last part of the previous run. Machine setup is totally depends upon capacity of the machine. Operation planning is also working with the help of machine setup capacity.


In production planning system, Machine Set up time is the amount of time taken to change a machine from the last part of a production lot to the next production lot. In high production systems, the amount of repetitive work accounts for a great part of the lead time of the product, the rest is usually set up time.

Use cases

Suppose that there is a company Shri Pvt. Ltd. that manufactures shirts. There are a lot of processes involved like stitching, sewing and designing under which various tasks are assigned to the respective Machines. As soon the the corresponding jobs are received, the departments are required to send back a confirmation in order to validate the assignment of the jobs.All activities are done with particular machine.

Zenscale allows them to create machines setup as per capacity and assigned to performing activities.It represent adequate information on various aspects of the business to compete work order. It help managers to monitor the performance of the activities and machines optimum uses.

Steps to be performed for machine setup

1. Go to Production Planning.

2. Now, click on work center.

3. From app section, click on Machine setup application.

4. Now, click on subscribe button.

5. Again, click on machine setup to activate setting.

6. Turn on Machine setup.

7. In masters, click on machine setup.

8. Following screen will open.

9. Select Material as needed.

10. Select Activity from drop down list for that material.

11. Select created activity setups as per machine capacity.

12. Now, click on add.

13. Information will appear like this.

14. Mark tick in to create default as required.

15. Click on save and continue as you can see new Machine setup created.

16. Click ob report.

17.Here you can check all listed setups.

Click here to navigate Machine creation

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