Exchange Rate

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What is Exchange Rate?

An exchange rate is the price of one currency expressed in terms of another currency, or a basket of other currencies.Exchange rate can be either fixed or floating. But if the market price falls below the fair trade price, the producer must be paid at least a price equal to the fair trade price.


In Zen Scale ERP system used for exchange rate are used to translate an amount into another currency. Exchange rate are to be maintained to allow transactions in other than the company code currency or to book foreign currency transactions.

Use Cases

Suppose that there is a company Core Wire Pvt Ltd the company use this feature exchange rate for calculation is a closing activity. We can maintain local currency and additional currencies in ERP system.Exchange rates can calculate between two currencies other than local currency. The exchange rate can use for the functions like; valuation, conversion, currency translation.

Steps to be performed

Click On website

1.The page will open,

2. Click on sale sub module.

3.Click On App .

4. Click on app of Exchange rate.

5. Then on the setting of exchange rate.

3, Click on Exchange Rate.

4.On the setting of exchange rate.

5. Then click on exchange rate.

6. After that the page will open and fill the highlight field.

7. Choose the currency .

8.After that click the exchange rate.

9. Then after that click on save and continue.

10. It will show that record updated successfully,

11. The created record will show as below.

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