How an ICSE affiliated School is managing Payroll of its employees?

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A ICSE affiliated School


Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh


How a Varanasi based school is managing payroll of its staff present at its two different branches at a single location?

About the Client

The Varanasi based school was  established in 1998 and has spread its wings in two  different suburbs of the city namely Shivpur and Harahua.

With a huge experience at various schools for nearly 15 years owner of the school set-up the small school to impart top quality primary education to children.

Each school have  40 staff members that include 25 teachers and 15 other members.


Before implement the payroll software in the school , owner of the school discussed various challenges with us, some of them are mentioned below:

  • At the first interaction with the owner, he discussed about the  difficulties he was facing while processing the salary of two different school’s staff. He manage the salary process through excel and it was time consuming task.He required a single platform to manage both of the schools.
  • Salary processing was Decentralized.
  • He required a software which can sync with bio metric machine easily so that he do not have export data from bio metric machine through external drives. In his wish list, he said I want to make salary process automatic and I could access the software anytime from anywhere. 
  • Moreover, real time attendance status for late comers and  leave management was the concern for the owner because it became difficult for him to manage if any teacher here was absent or on a leave.
  • Required a leave policy plan where he could fix the number of leaves allowed in a month. Moreover, short breaks (2 or 3  hours break from work) was the pain where staff members ask short leave for their personal work which was difficult to manage manually.


To overcome from the mentioned challenges, Zenscale implemented the following features from the payroll software

  • Allow user to track both of the school from one log in ID by creating the schools account  in different categories.
  • Employee master creation along with configuration of Salary, Overtime setting, Official duty, Incentive policy etc
  • Leave and short leave policy could be configured in the system
  • Automatic attendance sync of Bio metric with the system and alerts for any manual intervention
  • Attendance based incentives policy could be pre-configured
  • Multiple user creation and admin (owner) could have a full control over the software
  • Analytical reports for the owner.

Features offered

To achieve the desired results, following applications were offered to the team:

  • Employee master creation
  • Shift creation
  • Multi user creation
  • Leave policy master creation
  • Short leave policies
  • Limited access
  • Late coming policies
  • Loan management
  • Advance deduction
  • Overtime settings
  • Automatic attendance synchronization with bio-metric machine


Following results were achieved post the implementation of above mentioned modules:

  • The easy access of the software helped users to complete the salary process from anywhere anytime; similarly, owner can export all the reports by single click. Further, the following result was achieved after the implementation:
  • Owner set up polices for the late comers and absents which helped them maintain the discipline in the school
  •  Real time status of daily basis attendance helped school to maintain absent teachers’ classes
  •  Also, With the help of Zenscale, the school started to maintain employees’ records, such as basic employee details, academic proofs, address proofs, and offer letters, etc.
  •  Full month attendance incentive policy boosted employees to work every day.
  •  Loan management feature brief owner about employees dues
  •  Salary process became single click job and they started sending payslip via email through the software which saved lots of paper as well.


With the implementation of Zenscale cloud based solution client achieved:

  • Centralization of Staff’s data
  • Automatic attendance without any manual intervention
  • Error free Salary processing
  • Email the pay slip to all employees with sing click
  • Zero manual intervention
  • Enforcement of Discipline
  • Timely salary disbursement



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