How a Liquor Manufacturing Company automated its production planning?

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A Liquor Manufacturing Company


Mumbai, Maharashtra


How a Mumbai based Liquor manufacturing was able to Automate Production planning and Inventory management?

About the Client

It was in 1974, when the distillery was set up at its current location in Dahanu, a quaint coastal town in Maharashtra.

As years passed, company evolved, embraced modernization and the latest technologies in the production of their bottled spirits.

What stayed unchanged was the passion towards crafting world-class spirits.


During the initial interaction with the purchase manager of the company, he described about the problem that they were facing regarding  inventory management and production control:

  • Company was struggling to maintain the inventory of bottles and the inventory of the raw component to manufacture the bottles, such as a lids, labels etc. Moreover, the production was suffering at the end and it was hard for them to track production status on real time basis.
  • Before the company could implement any cloud based solution to manage routine transactions , it  was using Microsoft excel to maintain the routine consumables inventory and for the production,they had read-o-meter on every machine to calculate the production, records of which were maintained manually.
  • Excel did not provide real time preview of the inventory and for production status, they used to download the report manually everyday. With manual data entry,  his team always came across  the errors. Also, management did not have any tracability of production on real time basis.
  • In addition to this, they required a software which can sync with the read-o-meter data file and could  give instant report of the inventory transaction.
  • Further, multiple users in the software was the concern because they  had different departments to mange the different transactions. Company’s wish was to have approval system on purchase request and purchase order.


The company was struggling to maintain the track of inventory and production and after couple of demos with them, Zenscale decided to provide them some advance features.

 We offered add-ons of purchase management which includes purchase request and its approval, purchase order and its approval, store receive, and purchase invoice.

 Sale management included, quotation, booking, sale order with approval, sale invoice.

 Consumption feature to issue raw material against particular production.

 Also, sync the confirmation from the read-o-meter’s data which helped company to get back on track and admin can have access of all the reports (stock report, production status, and confirmation) on actual basis.

Features offered

To achieve the desired results, following applications were offered to the team:

  • Material creation
  • Vendor & customer creation
  • Multi user creation
  • Multiple storage location for the inventory
  • Purchase request
  • Purchase order with approval
  • Store receive
  • Purchase invoice
  • Sale order
  • Sale invoice
  • Inventory Reports
  • Consumption
  • Job order creation
  • BOM creation
  • Planning
  • Auto confirmation through read-o-meter


  • The automation of confirmation helped organisation to get the track of production status and also they became able to delivery every order more efficiently.
  • Zenscale solved the inventory problem of the company and gave exact figure of the inventory in the reports to the management.
  • The approval system allowed to manage the hierarchy in the company.
  • To simplify, if purchase manager raises any PO then  it becomes the responsibility of purchase head to approve or reject the order as per the requirement. This resulted in heightened efficiency in handling purchase orders.
  • Similarly, the operational planning feature improved the  usability of the machines which allowed them to set the particular time frame to complete the job order from the particular machine.
  • It became an easy platform for the admin to check day to day transaction and get notified in the portal notification panel and through emails.


With the implementation of Zenscale cloud based solution client achieved:

  • Real time based inventory report
  • Maintain Purchase orders
  • Tracking of consumption
  • JIT inventory
  • Automation of confirmation through read-o-meter
  • Operational planning
  • Easy notification of approvals


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