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What is Assign Material ?

Assigned Material refers to the assignment of activity group.routing to a particular material.


In Zenscale system the Assign Material feature help to create routing for job order.This keeps an effective track of all the utilized resources.This feature of the ERP system helps to allocate the input processes that are required to complete a particular job order. 

Use cases

Suppose that there is a company Shri Sai Pvt. Ltd. that handles 3 different types of job orders from its clients. All these job orders require different types of input processes. Hence, the Assign material feature can be used to accordingly allocate the resources and keep a valid track of everything.

Steps to be performed

Click on website

1. The page will open,

2. Click On job order.

3. Click on Assign Material Master.

4. The page will open,

5. Then select material to assign.

6. After selecting material the select activity group it will show,

7. Click on save and continue.

8. It will show, material assign to particular group.

9. The material assignment can also be imported with the import Excel feature (Csv file).

10. The page will open,

11. Click on Download the sample and created the file for assign then choose the file and then click on save.

12.To see report click on report.

13. The page will open, select created activity group and click on search.

14. The report will show,

15.We also generate report through excel also by clicking on download,

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