Job Order Confirmation

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What is Job order Confirmation ?

Job order confirmation refers to the job order issued according to the sales order received from customers.

Job order Confirmation is the process of confirming the receipt of the assigned job order to meet the demands of the clients.A job order is usually issued upon confirming the written order form and sending back its confirmation form.


The Job order Confirmation is the transaction of confirmation sub module under Production Planning is effectively used to get confirmation as an acknowledgement from relevant departments or employees about the assigned jobs order.

Job order confirmation contain important transaction details, such as address, items purchased, amount paid, and more. A good job order confirmation captures the buyer's excitement, eliminates confusion, and, more importantly, builds the foundations of a fruitful relationship with customers.

Use cases

Suppose that there is a company Shri Sai Pvt. Ltd. that manufactures shirts. Zen Scale ERP implemented the feature job order confirmation.

The company manufacture shirt and there are a lot of processes involved like stitching, sewing and designing under which various tasks are assigned to the respective departments. As soon the the corresponding jobs order are received, the departments are required to send back a confirmation in order to validate the assignment of the jobs order.A job order is usually issued upon confirming the written order form and sending back its confirmation form.

Steps to be performed

Click on Website

1. The page will open.

2. Click on confirmation.

3. Click On Job order Confirmation.

4. You have to fill the mandatory fields

5. Select Job order.

6. Select activity.

7. Add the confirm quantity and select date.

8. Click on save and continue.

9. The page will show,

10. First we have to do consumption for BOM. Go to consumption of material management.

Click on Website

The page will open, click on consumption.

11. Then the page will open and select the job order.

12. Then it will show, add the selected material and select the date.

13. Select material.

14. After that it will show the selected data,

15. Click on save and continue.

16. After that it will show that, document created.

17. Go to confirmation of production planning, refresh the page .

18. Click on save and continue.

19. It will show job order quantity confirmed successfully,

20. For report click on select option and in that click on report.

21. The report will show,

22. Click o the report you require.

23. If you want total report of confirmation so by clicking on option date filter select total date that time we are created confirmation.

24. Fill all the field and then click on search.

25. The report will show,

How did we do?

Job Order Confirmation Report.