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What is Billing Block?

Billing Block refers to stop billing of customer from system. User will not be able to create sale invoice for customer if customer is blocked.


Sometime when there are lots of customers then company cannot track it manually that which customer is not eligible for more material as they are already holding lots of payment. So, company can block the customers and while making sale invoice system will intimate user that customer is blocked.

Use Case

Suppose there is a firm “XYZ Ltd”. They have lots of customer and have to manage record manually for stopping sale invoice.

With this option, user can set a limit for billing block or user can block customer manually.

Steps to be performed for Billing Block

1.Go to Account Receivable

2.Go to Apps and Subscribe “Billing Block”.

2.1.Here we have two option for billing block. i)Lock Customer (Manually in Aging) ii)Lock Customer via Credit Limit.

a)First we will discuss about Lock Customer (Manually in Aging). Activate same setting.

3.Go to Report and click on “Customer Aging”.

3.1.Just click on lock button to lock any customer.

3.2.In below screen shot we have locket Aggarwal Pesticides.

3.3.Material Management-> Sale Invoice-> In below screen shot, system has stopped user to craete sale invoice.

4.The second option for billing block is “Lock via Credit Limit”. In this option user just mention credit limit and system automatically access the billing limit for customer.

4.1.Go to Customer Master and enter the credit limit.

4.2.In sale note-> closing balance of customer is more or equal to credit limit so it is not allowing to post sale.

4.3.Material Management-> Sale invoice-> It is showing notification if closing balance of customer exceeds Credit Limit.

So, user can block billing manually or via credit limit. This will help company to identify good customer and loose customer.

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