Salary Ratio

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What is Salary Ratio ?

This app is used to calculate the salary of employees by defining the salary ratio under various heads, such as HRA, conveyance, education allowance, etc., in accordance with the company norms.

Overview :-

Salary Ratio is a great feature that is given by Zenscale. This app is using for fixing the salary heads of employees with ratio. With the help of this feature, HR can easily maintain the various salary heads ratio according to the entity.

Use Case:-

Assume a company name with Abhishek Industries Private Limited. In this Company, in addition to the basic wages, employees receive 10 percent of the basic wage as a uniform allowance, 15 percent as HRA, and so on. To calculate how much an employee exactly earns, the HR can set these ratios under respective heads for automatic calculation.

Steps to be performed :- Following below steps to Fix the salary ratio setting :-

1. Click on Enrollment.

2. Enrollment > Salary Ratio

3. Input Salary Head Variant

4. Select Entity Description

5. Select Allowance (Basic)

6. Input basic % (75%)

7. Click on + Sign

8. After Clicking + Sign again click on Another Allowance (Conveyance) and add percentage

9. Click on +Sign

10. Repeat same process for more heads

11. Click on save & continue

*User can set the Entity wise salary ratio as above process.

12. User have rights to edit or delete Created Head Percentage.

  • How to use Salary ratio :- Following below steps to know about salary ratio using :-

1. Enrollment > Employee>Id card> Name>Salary master >>Type>Total salary>Calculate salary.

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