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What is Department?

A Department is usually understood to be a singular portion of a larger organization.

It’s used to refer to separate divisions of an organization. In Zenscale department can be organized around several different parameters - such as:

  • ·        Their specific function
  • ·         By products
  • ·         By customers
  • ·         By geographic location
  • ·         Or by processes 


Due to department assigning in software this includes providing access to employees who are responsible for different departments of their business team.

In addition to providing a higher level of organization by dividing business activities by their functions, for example, creating departments within a company has shown to create more efficiency, productivity and also to lower costs.

Companies of a certain size could find department breakdowns especially useful because they provide a more in-depth overview of each unit's performance within a company. This way, companies have a breakdown of income and expenses throughout the organization and are therefore equipped with the knowledge to make specific improvements.

Use cases:

In larger companies, departments might have the ability to act more autonomously, making decisions that benefit their department directly with the intent that they will have a positive impact on the entirety of the organization.

Smaller companies might be more interactive and function together, making more collective decisions that are considered for their overall impact before action is taken.

Steps to be preformed to create Department

1.       Open the folder of Enrollment

2.      Enrollment> Create Department  

3.      Add Department code

4.      Add Department Description

5.      Click on Save & Continue.

6. User can check Created departments list and download also in Excel file.

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