Clubbed Trail Balance

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What is Clubbed Trail Balance?

If user has branches along with parent company and user want to see trail of all branches along with Parent company then user can use this report.


User can access trail of all branches from one company. User does not need to login all companies 1 by 1 to see trails. And by help of trails user can easily track sales and expenses of all branches.

Use Case

Suppose there is a firm “XYZ Ltd”. They have lots of branches and it is impossible for them to check reports of branches by login in all branches.

With help of this option, user can check trail report in parent company to see trail of all branches.

Steps to be performed for Clubbed Trail Balance.

1.Go to Financial Reports

2.Go to Apps and subscribe “Statutory Configurations. After that activate “Clubbed Trail Balance for Branches”.

3.Go to Report-> Click on Clubbed Trail Balance.

3.1.Click on calendar and search pop up will open. Select company if user want to see trail for only one company and if user want to see all companies together then select all.

3.2.Enter Period and click on search

3.3.See trail in below image.

3.4.User can see it for single company too. Just select company name instead of All.

4.Click on Print & download.


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